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Kirisun FP520S / FP560S
Licence Free DPMR PMR446 Portables


FP520S - 16 channels
FP560S - 256 channels

Water Protection IP65

Dependable communications for tough environments

Text Messaging
Pre-stored or direct keypad entry (FP560S)

High-Powered Performance
A 1500mAh Li-Ion battery is standard (optional 2000mAh)

Dual Mode
The FP520S / 560S offers both Analogue and Digital modes allowing analogue users easy migration to digital

Digital Encryption for Secure Communications
The FP520S / 560S offers secure digital communications using 32bit encryption

Low Battery Warning
When the battery power goes below a certain value, the transmit LED flashes red and a low battery warning tone sounds.

Crystal Clear Audio
With 1 watt of loud, clear audio output and digital error correction the FP500 series helps you to hear even in noisy environments.

Supplementary Features (Some features only on the FP560S)
Vox, Radio Self Check, Radio Stun / Kill / Revive Remote Monitor. In
addition the FP560S offers front keypad direct entry text messaging and DTMF enc / dec, Private Call, Group Call and even Group Text Messaging. Create two 6.25kHz channels in a 12.5kHz spacing to achieve better spectrum efficiency

Channel Scan
Scanning both analogue voice and CTCSS / DCS signalling

Channel Annunciation
Channel annunciation on the FP520S offers convenience to users in special applications, such as working in darkness.

Programmable keys
Up to 3 Programmable keys can be set for different functions.

Use your current CP040 or DP1400 accessories with this radio to save costs.

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Kirisun FP520-FP560


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